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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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she is always on
she never misses
I gasped!
i think i saw olivia too
Omg I’m excited to see her
he looks rough
Do we?
mte the second i read the tweet
he couldn't get a suit that fits?


1 month ago


1 month ago

I both look pained
i love mess
He looks fucking loaded.


1 month ago

who's "we" lol
she is siphoning his life force right before our eyes
Define "we".
I’m shocked Rita Ora is vacced from her pandemic activities
well i'm glad this is at least confirmation that rita's vaccinated
they'd rather have dead air than Ilana. man I feel for her this shit looks overwhelming idk how keke is doing it
Keke is so good at this. Ilana totally out of her depth here.
yeah I think it takes a certain kind of personality to do this
keke is an amazing host and very charismatic. it's criminal she hasnt been given another full time hosting job yet
All that € and bribed couldn't wear a suit that fits?
not rita talking... girl you were breaking all the covid rules lol
Taika was defs wasted lol
Katy Perry could’ve wore the hamburger costume again
can they please stop doing the tweets, keke is making the best of it but it's always awkward
The dress is cool but she looks supremely uncomfortable?
looks on the verge of tears tbh.



1 month ago

She's so beautiful and I hope she's doing okay and this is just a case of bad posture
She was pushing up the dress in the video. I wonder if it felt like it was sliding down. Too bad, the look is great.
Did they fire Ilana halfway thru?
she definitely got let go
she just had a bb recently, maybe she needed a break


September 14 2021, 00:23:26 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 00:23:53 UTC

She pulled an Ilana** Wexler and is smoking a joint in the bathroom
She could've gone all out with a western theme and now she decides to tone it down!!
She killed everything interesting about herself this album cycle tbh
i maintain that zoey deutch looks more like kacey at this thing than kacey
i expected more tbh, her barbie look was amazing
this would be chic for a talk show but it's w/e for the met. disappointed, she was my MVP of the camp theme!
Looks like a Ralph Lauren ad!
She wore the most amazing Michael Kors white lace jumpsuit during her last tour and she gives this borefest???
so far I've only muted 3 interviews: uzi vert, rita ora, the biebers.