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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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This is my favourite look so far:

love van Herpen on red carpets. but she's dutch
it's so visually interesting
whoever gets Iris van Herpen always has a leg up bc her dresses are stunning
damn this is incredible
Look of the night. Apparently it turned different colors in person.
okay now I'm loving this look even more now
Aww I love this
omg this haaaair

this is one of those "cute but boring for the met gala" looks
ia, the dress is a good start but overall the look needs more
love the star bellybutton!
Okay so Keke needs to be brought back as a host and also be a host of her own show. I know NOTHING about fashion but she's clearly very knowledgable about everyone there and is making it really accessible imo.
shes doing amazing
They've stopped cutting to Ilana so much lmao


3 days ago


3 days ago

I agree. She's doing the best and I noticed they've stopped going to Ilana was who surprisingly boring at this.


3 days ago

Aoc looks pretty but rlly…. “tax the rich” at this event okay miss

She has, unfortunately, lost the plot

I’m embarrassed for her omg!


3 days ago

was only a matter of time imo, the system always changes you lol
disappointed that shes there
she looks nice, like the earrings, but it's pretty dull.
Honestly she looks really good here but it's boring.
i saw someone compare tracee ellis ross to edna mode and lol yes about time someone pays tribute to the queen



September 14 2021, 00:06:46 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 00:12:18 UTC

Wait, does her dress say tax the rich? But she’s…but she’s at…
literally speaking to the room I can't believe y'all missed this point so hard lmao
Not that smirk with this dress at this event
keke lying to these women about being a fan
you could SEE her having to turn it on when it just comes naturally with all the black celebs
that cone bra is a no from me
I love this!!!
oh wow this is gorgeous, was NOT expecting that from emily
this is cool! love a cape.
I kind of love this
We stan one (1) white british woman in my house.
idk but I wish they would've left out the extra white fabric in the front.
This is gorgeous, but heavenly bodies was 2018
I loooove this!
YES at this hedy Lamarr tribute!!
that hedy look is an all-timer fr

That head piece is amazing.
One of my favorite looks
I would've liked this more if the top of the dress matched the bottom but kept the white cape.
I like this as its own piece, and I almost wish I hadn’t seen the perfection that inspired it bc it makes it less appealing to me
I love AOC but why the fuck is she there? Whatever political statement she’s trying to make is not an effective one. She’s so stupid for this. Stay your ass is Washington and pretend to do work.
She represents part of NYC and was invited because she has a stake in the arts of the city... but go off if you don't think her dress designer deserved to accompany her.
this is american how?
Nah. Don’t ruin this dress for me
Ah yes, that good ol slice of Americana, Eliza Doolittle
whoevers doing the twitter prompter can be fired now