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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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i love the studio 54 idea, but the execution...
go away
I see rhinestones but if you're going to stone something go big! NGL I love the idea and don't hate this but eh.

Also this pic could be the cover for his debut country music album.
It looks like a perforated ceiling from 1998 lol
she and rooney are the only people i've ever seen pull that off
don't think it matches her face/look
It looks photoshopped in
that's a faux bang, right?
definitely doesn't match the rest of her hair AT ALL so I hope so
she looks amazing. super harsh, super stunning
Girl those better not look clip on bangs.
so boring.
Wow that is boring.
this is so sad and boring


September 14 2021, 00:05:47 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 14 2021, 00:06:06 UTC

Is this YSL? they do this every year. It their “thing”
how do you not feel wildly underdressed in that
i'm gunna be sad about this forever
They did her dirty.
just came here to say WHY DID YSL DID THIS TO HER, WHYYY

Rosetta Stone dressed like she attending damn MAMA

i thought rihanna was gonna be there??
she'll show up within the last five minutes lol they've still got another hour
I think she wants to be last.



September 13 2021, 23:59:06 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 23:59:49 UTC

um choices.. I guess she's repping all american football and her man at the same time lol
Um I love it
Same. She took the theme and made it her own although I don't like the cutouts and think she should've went for full on shoulder pads
Did she lose a bet to Russell or something? lol
Let me see your 1-2-HuT HuT
3 is Russell's number. cute
Football is American, I guess!
Im... kinda... feeling it? It teams with the theme for sure. but the color is a choice



1 month ago



1 month ago

wait omg I love that she's wearing his superbowl ring
i mean whats more americana than football? love ciara
i want to hate it but actually think it's kind of cute
keke is making this event entertaining
Someone actually followed the theme. I wish it were blue tho
i kinda like it since it fits the theme. ciara is always killing it on the carpet and this one is another great look.
You know what at least it’s a choice lol. Go Ciara go!
I kinda like it!

Yall remember Jersey dresses and this is the fancy version I guess

I’m bored it’s boring!

She looks dehydrated. The blonde is washing her out.
noooo that dress is so boring for her
nooo gillian this is way too boring for the Met Gala :(
the thing that kills me is that she's worn cool stuff before!! why so boring here?
i'm so glad keke is drilling these people on why they're wearing what they're wearing considering the theme because we get dumb answers like megan's
she was just like 'uuuh... oh yeah i guess there's a theme' basically
Boring. Also it looks like the top is not quite high enough? idk it looks like it's sitting weirdly on her.
boring and the fit is way off
Ok this is cute but this is exactly what I’m terrified I’ll look like in a dress with my tattoos haha
What does midsommar have to do with America 😂😂😂

I love the look
It's an homage to Marsha P Johnson

keke could easily have her own show, she's so charismatic
I like Chloe but she looks like a budget Rose Byrne
everyone is so basic and boring for going for a marilyn monroe theme
I love this, but not for the Met.
They're beautiful regardless of what they're wearing. I don't really love either of these looks though.
They're both gorgeous. They deserve better than House of Deréon.
serving 'goddess' the stage show in the 1995 classic film 'showgirls'.
this is the one