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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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the theme is bland enough that i bet there will be a sea of boring looks, and yet here i am

keke does look incredible though
Emma is giving Allegra Versace
i do not understand this theme
someone probably told anna the 20th anniversary of 9/11 was the same week as the met gala so she had to throw america into the theme somehow
lmaoooo that does make the most sense!
this tracks
lmao anna doesn't choose the theme but i wouldn't be surprised if this was the reason anyways
they 've been channeling gladys leeman from drop dead gorgeous


3 days ago

Most of the time I don’t understand the theme 🤦‍♀️
Is it bad I have no idea who Emma chamberlain in? I watch YouTube videos on various things but I’m like who?
The people on E are incredibly annoying and Keke and Ilana are boring.
the key is to always watch on mute

no matter what
i am now lol
i'm watching the livestream and it's so awkward because no one is there lmao poor keke and ilana trying to find something to talk about

anyway excited to see the fashion and then also rolling my eyes at the people not bothering from at home on my couch
if i dont see someone come as the statue of liberty then this was a waste
I'm hoping for American Gothic lewks
Emma chamberlain is the definition of is it fashion or is she just really skinny

Like literally all her shit is sf boring and every girl her age dresses like that but the skinnier she gets the more they praise her “style”
i'm going to need someone to show up looking like a 4th of July parade float or something
I’m mostly interested in the tales of whose not going cuz they’re not vaxxed. Bella Hadid being super absent from nyfw and Dua Lipa skipping the VMAs and MET is very suspicious, especially as Dua is a current face for Versace 👀
ooh is that why she hasn't walked any shows? i was wondering why she was absent from nyfw even though she's in n.y.
dua make sense since anwar revealed himself to be an antivax nutjob a few months ago. bella is iffy bc i'd be surprised if she would avoid it since gigi clearly got it
I mean Bella is also currently shilling energy drinks that “help her manage her social anxiety and depression” sooo

Gigi having the paps get pictures of her getting hers plus her walking so many shows while Bella is absent makes me think she broke from the family to get it. If Bella doesn’t show up today she 100% didn’t get it


3 days ago


3 days ago

dont... dont....

i really like bella :(((
I def think the Hadid's are anti-vaxxers considering all the crazy "health" BS Yolanda's into.

And since Dula is dating a Hadid, that would check that she is also prob not vaxxed

will be very interesting of Bella shows up for the eurp shows


3 days ago


3 days ago

sameeeeee. I've kinda started to like bella too I hope she's not an anti-vaxxer :(
from what i can tell from some LQ pictures of yara shahidi on twitter, she looks amazing
how is this theme being interpreted.. american designers? or american fashion trends?

keke palmer looks beautiful. and idk who emma chamberlain is, i feel like there was some sort of drama relating to her/her parents? but of course i cannot remember whoops. i don't really like what's going on w/ that dress hemline
I remember when I lived in Europe and the host country I was in would have an American themed event and it was wild what they thought of us. Lots of Native American stereotypes, confederacy cosplay and flannel.

Anyway, while I'm hoping we get American designers, I'm waiting on Emrata to give us sexy Betsy Ross or some shit.
timmason chevrolet looks boring tbh
the shoes!!!! D:
The stream is a lil awkward right now - where are the STARS

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