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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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amandla stenberg looks uhmazing
i really like amandla's look
The way she is smiling looks evil?? Family in law rubbed off on her

She’s def evil and complicit AF, aka the most sinister kind
omg why is she smiling like that. has she forgotten how to hold her face while modelling? is it weird makeup?
they look like evil twins/team rocket tbh
it's giving the purge
Disney villain chic
I’m terrified
They look like villains in a late 90s b comedy
amandla having her hairstylist create a durag out of cornrows... i love it
well well well if it isn't Miss Looking Camp Right In The Eye
looking like a couple of disney villains
I thought that was her husband at first glance and got a shock lmaaaao
looks like a cartoon villainess, complete with goblin lackey
the person with her looks straight up so evil
That’s exactly what the clown from it looks like as a human
I hate Karlie Kloss but I love her dress
someone get ilana a coffee she has no energy
she's unspeakably awkward and not in a fun way, like in a "someone get this introvert to bed and tuck her in" way
if I had to guess I'd bet this is the biggest thing she's done post baby. I'd go home and pass out without bothering with the party lol
I wish the blue would’ve been a different color
idk how it's on theme, but pretty!
i never imagined she had a last name.
always gorgeous but she was also gorge in all 3 eurovision broadcasts too
I just saw her ad for her makeup line Nimya!
2003 vintage!
I stopped being a snob about lesser "celebrities" wearing iconic fashion looks years ago but this is reawakening that annoying bitch in me. This girl does not have what it takes to carry a Tom Ford-era Gucci look!
Both Rose and CL on the way. I didn't even know CL was going.
CL better give us somethig.
aww I’m actually happy for her!
Imagine if Camilla belle showed up just for me
Tracee Ross is always so much fun.
she looks like Kacey Musgraves
i thought that was kacey!!!
i looooove this color (thinking of like mila kunis' iconic oscar dress in this color, or zoe saldana's givenchy couture dress from like 2010) but i hate this dress and i dont think the hair goes with this color dress in particular
oh man mila's oscar dress is definitely in my top five favorite oscar dresses of all time, it's so beautiful. the colors of both dresses are really similar, but this dress would've been more at home at the vmas lol
Lilac seems to be one of the Winter ‘21 colours. I want a Chanel bag in that colour, but alas….


2 days ago


2 days ago

She looks like Halsey lmaoooooo
she looks like megan fox