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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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i feel like all the people playing it safe are just like 'i decided to go for hollywood glamour'
oh totally
Lots of dresses that belong at the Oscars, or even the Globes.
Kill it with fire
aah the weird ghosty devil thing from Legend
She’s looks so fucking stupid omg I can’t lmaooo
Fucking hell already
enough already. enough.
this girl will do literally anything to be a trending topic i swear
I hope she falls tbh
What is it with her and Kanye putting stockings over their heads recently?
And people are really going to act like she doesn’t look fucking stupid lmao
is she back with kanye or something
Kimberly, I hope you remarry a billionaire who let's you wear nice clothes
Ugh, this makes the couch dress look cute in comparison
this is exactly how I want to see Kim from now on
The doorman's face in the second picture. Yes, sir, we all feel the same way.
Now I'm seriously beginning to wonder if the rumors that she finally botched herself is true.
Fuck her. Fuck her so hard. Not even if this entitled bitch is trying to make a taliban statement is this okay at any level.
I looooooooooove this I can’t believe I’m not seeing more stars (the shape)
beautiful gown and i love the jewelry
The dress is pretty but she's prettier than the whole look lol.
y e s
oh my gawd
omg i love this, stunning in every way
Pack it up boys, she won this year
Kit Harrington & Rose Leslie
king and queen of drawing our eyes to the other gowns in the background
I hate when dresses are like that at the bust!! I know it's intentional but it looks so sloppy, especially with no necklace. And I hate that color on her.
the sagginess?


1 month ago


1 month ago

Ikr I just wanna hoist it up
addison rae wearing her prom dress
addison genuinely looks awful
i actually love this

I like the blue dassit
omg i like the hair lmao
I had a Barbie I could spray pink stars onto her hair exactly like this, I love it
The hair is fun
I love him so much. You can tell he really has fun with his fashion and omg that’s all I want. Everyone is so boring tonight :(

WHO is normalising this hateful Florida bunker bitch again?!
we finally got a american flag esque lmaoo



September 13 2021, 23:28:09 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 23:28:52 UTC

this girl has a good agent ngl
She's always gorge but the silhouette looks weird somehow
it would be a lot prettier without the gathering
This looks like a prom dress more than any of the other ones tonight IMO

Straight outta Macy’s!


But make it fashion.
Fuck the store, I'm hooked on this mess ugh.
Not Vogue putting her name up as Amanda Lastenberg!
karlie's kushner husband looks like a cartoon villain
He takes after his evil brother.
That's not her husband lol, it's some creative director of Carolina Herrera, which she is wearing tonight.
ugh @ vogue misspelling amandla's name while she's talking about politics

Another dog guest spotted.