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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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The way Kaia Gerber is wearing her hair is close to how Billie should've styled hers tbh
I wish she would keep the train on.
oh ok
naur it's giving moulin rue 21
i dont like it
No ❤️
It's giving soffe shorts
lookin like ww84
It’s like she farted and it’s caught in her dress
feeling seen as a kid in a wet swimsuit with a bubble riding up her back
is she the white house easter egg roll contest lmao
this is the egg lady gaga was in at the grammys all grown up. feel old?
Violet Beauregarde but make it fashion.
georgia from angus thongs & perfect snogging's olive costume, but make it fashion
She looks like those inflatable things outside of car dealerships
why does he look like lil dicky
i like this!! its denim very american
looking as youthful as ever
This teenager!
Isn’t it a school night?
serving "people looked older at a younger age back then"
If American is tacky, white, and bearded, well, call him grubhub bc he delivered.
Stayin' Alive
At least he’s dressing age appropriately.
kit and rose look nice but boring


September 13 2021, 23:20:57 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 23:22:15 UTC

I feel like hers would've been something for the Catholic theme of the Met Gala from 3 years ago.
Yeah this reminds me of heavenly bodies (?) Too...
a bit surprised they are vaxxed tbh
same lmao
....and it's a boring dress
I don't really understand this era of KKW
debbie harry looks so good

i love this lol
I kinda like the design of the bottom part.
i think debbie's my favorite in terms of sticking to the theme


September 13 2021, 23:23:30 UTC 3 days ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 23:24:43 UTC

I loved the denim jacket and I loved her beautiful yellow necklace, it made the look really pop.

the skirt is really cool
i legit like the dress - on theme, interesting - but I would have never guessed that was her.
There it is
this is so ugly to be but she did clearly understand the assignment at least hahaha
love it
Zac never dissapoints
I love it
is that a bacon skirt
I like it. Punk Betsy Ross.

Kim Petras in the background is more interesting.
They look pretty but this is boring.
That colour doesn't work on her imo.
It’s like she found the worst ever colour for her.
Girl, that ain't your yellow
bless her make up artist for giving her the wrong shade of foundation. deserved.


That color and her skin tone and hair color.

fucking a
Kit consistently looks like a sad catfish
I like the hair!
this is what happens when you take ivermectin
Obsessed lmao
this is buckwild I kind of love it. woulda killed the camp theme for sure lol
I’m a fan tbh lol
is Naomi's hair an ode to the American legend Cynthia?

Ngl I thought ir