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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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she looks super pretty, but it doesn't seem right for this at all.
that color is so pretty on her
she looks beautiful, but this is dry
That loofah ruins the aesthetic.
once again wishing they'd done the planned 2020 theme

Why wouldn’t they have just done this one omg?!?!? That would have been fucking amazing
Boring answer? Because that was to coincide with the Met's 150th anniversary so they still did the exhibit last year anyway and didn't carry it over to this year.
This would have been fabulous
Aww yeah this would've been so cool!
it's going better than i expected at least lol
now this is a look
Love it. No idea how it fits the theme but who cares
Amber waves of grain? Lmao that’s what I’m going with
Donny Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Captain hook on fire Island vibes.
Here is a man who understood the assignment and gave us a look instead of a boring ass black suit. Granted, that look is Witchypoo but good for him!
Jordan always gets the assignment.
i wish someone would wear something that criticizes america or at least just shows off what tacky and shitty country we are.
that'd be wonderful
ngl i was expecting someone to wear a handmaid's tale inspired outfit in response to texas
that would be great. i need gaga to come out all bloody like carrie to signify the blood america has on its hands :)
a trash bag with a gucci belt


3 days ago

Tbh I was really expecting a dress made out of bullet shells as a protest of gun violence.


1 day ago

im inside my research methods class rn and these boring dresses are more entertaining than this
why is his jacket so big, is this a david byrne homage
Elliott you could’ve done better for your first red carpet but at least his hair looks less tragic than if did last year. You’ll get there.
Hire a tailor!
He fixed his hair..its something?
Sir this is boring
Why is it so illfitting :(
why the hell is he trying to look like a child wearing his father's suit
maybe it's the hair but he looks healthier!
Iman said fuck this and went to her closet
She wasn't gonna go, but checked the livestream
"Vintage 2003 Tom Ford"


*Presses Life Alert*
dying inside at vintage 2003
The violennnnnce.
Kart Kerry has an animal head on her chest
the way this snake slithered her way into hollywood
Her entire face is just teeth
Teeth and fillers.
She is so trashy omg
Wait is Iman's outfit indigenous inspired?
Doubtful? Harris Reed usually does headpieces like that and I don't remember them ever mentioning Indigenous influences. I thought it was inspired by 20s showgirls when I first saw it!
is that debbie harry whaaaaa

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