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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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IDK who this is but I've seen her pop up a few times, and girl, REALLY? No.
she's one of the stripes on the flag
Stoooop lmao


September 13 2021, 23:10:04 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  September 13 2021, 23:11:18 UTC

Dont let her in
Who is she?


1 month ago


1 month ago

Elizabeth Holmes still isn't in jail, eh?
lol love the glasses!
not the deal with it glasses
This is the most accurate representation of the American theme so far hah

great fit
unf she looks incredible, her shape 😍
Wow this is amazing!
She looks great but she needs some color contrast, its too matchy.

FASHION! Give me lewks!
best dressed imo
he is the moment... now come on now.
the girls are gagging
is that REAL FUR
Not y’all glamorizing fur. It’s what I’d expect from ONTD.
I think golden retrievers are still a top breed in America so the dog is on theme. 😏
Theyre the animal version of a white picket fence fantasy.
It's giving me feather boa and lingerie vibes but I'm into it
Storm and Barbie aren't filming Euphoria? If I didn't see pics of Zendaya filming earlier today, I would've thought she purposly skipped this year due to this flop theme.
Awful. She looks like she went to the club last night and tied a throw blanket around her waist.

I don't know her but werrrrrrrk!
she was victoria's secret's first openly trans model! she looks so gorgeous
She looks fabulous. I love that photo!!!
Damn she's beautiful. I love the color of her dress and the transparent pattern on the cape area.
idk who it was but i just saw someone on the stream with a horse head dress
oh it's kim petras
These horse outfits...LMAO.
Not horse girls.

WTF is this.
TWO people are wearing this???
Uses Ivermectin once.
animorph vibes
on bojack horseman when actors put on a horse head to play a horse
Also the designer of the dress is Dutch so idk how it's American? Besides the melted gun sword?
Idc this is of of my fav looks
damn i hate that i like it
Nas, Naomi Osaka and [I can't believe it saying this], Maisie Williams for the win.

The rest should have stayed home in their sweatpants.
i've never watched met gala but i clicked out of boredom and now i'm hooked bc i just need to know the limits of ilana's awkwardness and terrible interviewing skills
Better view of Grimes' dress and melted guns sword.

this look is so beautiful to me? sorry to say that since it's grimes tbh.
I like it too and the other looks are boring AF
idk her but this is gorge