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Met Gala 2021

Tags: fashion, red carpet and event

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A third look! Yeeessss
This is how you Met
Fashion king!!
he understood the assignment
I love him but this is literally not American none of them with the exception of Debbie Harry did the theme
dying at Grimes saying "my look is inspired by the movie Dune, even though it's not out yet"
lmao i feel like she just wanted to wear something galactic looking/dune inspired but she couldn't make it work with the theme by just saying it was inspired by the book so she decided to go with the movie that "had american people work on it"
lmfao Illana talking to Grimes - A MESS WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT
publicly begging biden for a greencard fits the theme i guess
"I love America, I know you're not supposed to say that"
"Please get Grimes her green card"

LMAOOO what, is USCIS the demo for this event now or??
Billie and Saweetie look stunning.
Winners of the night
Grimes looks good.
so halfway epic...but what is that pantsuit.
is this house of dereon
Those stars are reminding me of the lularich doc I watched the other day
She needs to fire her stylist asap, they NEVER know how dress her in a flattering way.

A deep purple pantsuit or dress would look great with this.
What percentage do you think people are vaccinated tonight at the met?
You have to be vaccinated to go, it's why Nicki Minaj isn't going
Keke and Lil' Nas X's outfits match in a really beautiful way.
i'm just glad they didn't make keke interview comrade grimes

Also a sword for... idk.
She said the sword is from a company that melts down guns to make swords and Ilana was very much like yaaas love that for America. lmao the interview was wild
wtf Dune character is she supposed to be? Fremen? Bene Gesserit? Feyd? idgi
I should say I like her dress because I love Iris van Herpen, I just... the sword...

Re: lmao


5 days ago

is this her bene gesserit lewk or are the squiggles supposed to represent worms or what lol

either way though I like it, I like most iris van herpen
unfortunately she looks amazing
It looks very much like the gown from her MV

Meh that's all she wears.

This is very "posters my brother would hang on his wall when he was 15" except in suit form
This super Mario cosplay has GOT to stop.

Isn't he a trump supporter?
I dont think so
bring back dress lining ffs
this is the exact same as the jeremy scott dress a few pages ago isn't it? what is with the florals?
the front flower sticking out looks weird af from the back
eeeek from this vid it's kinda serving "unfinished project runway dress" lol
god bless her it looks like it was handmade by the old ladies at michaels
this is giving me that episode of new girl where Winston's girlfriend dresses up as 'reigning cats and dogs' in a dress with cuddly animals glued to it
is it supposed to look cheap?