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Claire Foy won an Emmy for 1 minute and 49 seconds of screen time on The Crown

Last night during the Creative Arts Emmy, Claire Foy won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress for playing Elizabeth II in the fourth The Crown. She previously won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for The Crown in 2018.

Although the Queen is being played by Olivia Colman now, Foy returned to the role in a flashback scene in the eighth episode, “48:1”, in which she played the young version of Elizabeth for exactly one minute and 49 seconds on screen, while her voiceover rung out for a total of four minutes and 36 seconds.

It wasn’t just the brevity of Foy’s appearance that surprised many when she won the award, it was also what she was doing – sitting down and reading a radio address into the microphone.

The win is not sitting well with critics and fans alike. People are saying that the Emmy voters are voting based on the name attached and not actually their work. Some are suggesting the Emmys overhaul the cateogeries to have a minimum amount of screentime required to be eligible.

Don Cheadle was also nominted for the Guest Actor Emmy this year for a similarly short appearance, for his 98 second cameo on The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, but he did not win. Cheadle has been nominated for an Emmy 11 times now but has zero wins.

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