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We Got a Sock for the Boot! And Albon is Alback, Babeh! It's the Formula 1 Monza Grand Prix 🏎 🇮🇹

Girls, we got a real race!

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place

The camera work to only be on the front row battles takes the entertainment out of it, Gasly slid in fourth place with a brilliant drive.

World Driver's Championship

And some other details
- Only the C4 soft tyre can be used, no other version. Remember
- Monza is a legendary track, and probably the fastest straight. That Monza banking is just Bellissima!
- Update: Robert Kubica will again replace Kimi Raikkonen for this GP as the Alfa Romeo driver could not make Monza due to a positive COVID-19 test
- Of course the Tifosi was happy as both Ferraris went out first in Q1
- Sir Lewis gave us – purple rain, purple rain
- What the fuck is going on at Haas?
- All this damn traffic, did everone’s Sunday Scaries get here early?
- Leclerc reported some issues with the MGUK which essentially effects the thermal energy lost through braking but with issues, that thermal energy doesn’t get convered electrical energy to the engine to give it power
- Russell knocked out of Q1, but I don’t think he really cares. Wait nevermind, Tsunoda’s lap got deleted for exceeding track limits, so he’s in Q2
- Lando Norris, the real star of the future, went third fastest in Q1
- In Q2, this track may suit Mercedes better, as both surpassed Red Bull’s Max Verstappen by almost nine-tenths of a second, so they may not have the pace.
- A terrible mishap occurred when too many cars were entering the pitlane and Vettel almost made contact with Lewis Hamilton and an Alpine mechanic.
- For Q3, Bottas took Sprint Pole position! But he took an engine penalty so on Sunday he’ll be at the back on the grid *sad Finnish noises*
- also Pirelli needs to call this something better than Speed King

So here was the grid for the Sprint Race.

Also, BREAKING: OP Hates These and it's only been the second one
- In Free Practice 2, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz had a nasty crash, so the team needs to rush to get it done for the Sprint Race.
- Charles Leclerc also returned to the pitlane after reporting not feeling well.
- In this sprint, the first place finisher will take pole position for Sunday’s race*.
- Today’s sprint race is 100 km, so for Monza about 18 laps. Today, the drivers get a free choice of soft, medium, or hard tyres, as opposed to regular qualifying.
- Finally they’ve added helmet cams to some driver’s helmets which gives a more realistic speed of the car, they already have helmet cams in IndyCar and I cannot think why F1 didn’t steal this idea from them earlier.
- At the start, a yellow flag at turn one as Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly had some damaged from earlier contact from clipping a McLaren lost his front wing and went into the gravel. Oh my god, he hit the sign!
- That inchident was quickly followed by Alfa Romeo’s Robert Kubica spinning at the chicane after being booped by Yuki Tsunoda.
- Lewis got distracted from watching all the drama, so he quickly dropped from second to fifth.
- And look a Lewis-Lando Italian battle strikes again!
- During Lap 8, Sergio Perez went off to the gravel to overtake Lance Stroll (cannot do that), so he took a bit of time to give Stroll back the position, but he did.
- Our unsung hero, McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo who gained two places to take third in the sprint race. They don’t get wreaths no mo’ and OP is sad (fucking corporate sponsors). Also Daniel Ricciardo’s Pink McLaren collection looks Smoove as hell.
- Lewis gave a post race interview sounding kind of dejected, predicting that Max will take an easy win for today. Hamilton is starting P4 and Monza is a quite difficult track to overtake, since technically Verstappen starts P1.

Here's the Grid for today

* Valtteri Bottas incurred two power unit penalties, so despite winning Qualifying and Sprint Qualifying, he'll start tomorrow at the back of the grid

Alex Albon will make his rightful return to the grid for the 2022 season!

The former Red Bull driver who was released at the end of the 2020 season and has been integral into their 2021 development has signed a contract with Williams - not sure if this means he'll remain a part of Red Bull.

Heeeeeeeee is our speeeeeeeeeeeeeed king!
Grid for the Saturday Sprint
Grid for today
The Moving Bricks
King Alexander Will Descend to His Throne
Racing Babies
WDC Standings
WCC Standings
Monza poster
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