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Olivia Munn Gives First Interview Since Pregnancy Announcement

On how she's feeling during her pregnancy: “I’m feeling really good and just the outpouring of love and support has been really amazing. There has been a really big mom tribe that comes up. I’ve heard about it, but they really come up in full force. There’s a really great dad tribe too, everyone comes up is really supportive and it means so much to me.”

On whether or not she will wait to find out the sex of the child: “I haven’t decided if I’ll find out yet or not but I’ll take that to heart. It’s a good surprise to find out, there’s very few surprises in life.”

On if her dogs (Chance and Frankie) have noticed her pregnancy: “I’ve actually been really surprised, people tell me that your dogs can pick up on those kinds of things but they’ve been walking over my stomach, they don’t care. They have no idea what’s happening.”


Sources: 1 | 2
Tags: comedy / comedian, interview, john mulaney, olivia munn, pregnancy

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