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This Week's Soap Promos (Sept 7-10, 2021)

I'm starting to catch up with "Days of Our Lives", thanks to the new "Beyond Salem" mini-series and my fave soap blogger from back in the day being hired as a new writer on DOOL. As such, I figured I'd try to revive weekly soap posts.

This week on "Days of Our Lives"

DOOL Spoilers

This week on "General Hospital"

GH Spoilers

I've mostly been enjoying GH lately (granted, I only watch select clips of select stories on YT). Dreading what's to come tho. Peter still being alive (not that I'm remotely surprised, just DEEEEEEEPLY annoyed) The Carly/Jason union and then Maurice Bernard (Sonny) threatening his Sonny's explosive reaction at being "betrayed" (they thought you were fucking dead and no one betrayed anyone by trying to keep you awful "business afloat). Wish they used the "Sonny's dead/has amnesia" story as a chance to finally bury the mob storyline.

This week on "The Young & the Restless"

Y&R Spoilers

#TeamSally but only because I love the actress from her work on the game "Control". Haven't actively watched it since Josh Griffin took over again.

This week on "The Bold & the Beautiful"

B&B Spoilers

I love the Sheila character and her history from the 90's but it's really hard the enjoy the character now knowing what a MAGAt that Kimberlin Brown is. Admittedly, it's been well over a decade since I last actively watched B&B.

I hope I can fulfill's IsntDaveOne's legacy. <3

Mods, this is my first post. I hope I did everything right.

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