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Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein Of Course Dispute Angelina Jolie's Claims

Follow up to this post and this post.

Brad Pitt and Harvey Weinstein of course dispute Angelina Jolie's claims in her latest interview.

While "sources close to Brad Pitt" don't comment on any of the marriage, divorce or abuse allegations, they do say that Brad never "teamed up" with Weinstein for "Inglourious Basterds" -- he was simply part of a movie that Tarantino directed, which happened to get distributed by TWC. No comment about their other movie Killing Them Softly, though, which was done after IB.

Rapist Weinstein commented through his assistant and frankly, the response is so offensive it's going behind a cut.

[Spoiler (click to open)]"It's very clear to me that this is for more sales on Angie's BOOK. THERE WAS NEVER an assault, and NEVER an attempt to assault. It is brazenly untrue and clickbait publicity. You're Angelina Jolie, every male and female in the world, I'm sure, shows interest in you. Is the whole world assaulting you?"

Go fuck yourselves, Pitt and Weinstein.

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Tags: angelina jolie, brad pitt, harvey weinstein, sensitive content, violence / domestic abuse

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