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James Ransone’s socials: a multi-hyphenate of bigotry based in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

James Ransone

Actor James ‘PJ’ Ransone, known to some for It Chapter Two, The Wire, and Generation Kill, has a long history of social media meltdowns; from an ages-old Tumblr, to a now-defunct Twitter, and now to present day with Instagram. The post currently in question is seemingly innocuous:

A sampling:

There’s So Much More, but if I included every questionable exchange this post would be as needlessly long as It Chapter Two.

A quick summary: Christian proselytization, consistent use of Yiddish and Hebrew as a joking nod to his insistence that everyone he’s speaking with are IDF secret ops, a statement that he and the superior James (McAvoy) did not get along, and always always seething disdain and distrust for anyone who expresses earnest concern.

Importantly, his public comments here do essentially confirm the veracity of this Twitter user’s call out thread:

If you read through these please take special care with the ones marked as from tubbos_bees_69. The virulence of the transphobia is incredibly sad and disturbing, along with the references to suicide and childhood sexual assault. The screen recordings do show the explicit photos referenced below.

The screen captures and recordings collected there from May encapsulate mostly DMs between him and fans, many of them minors, in which he antagonizes them with a horrific image of a dead child from a Gaza bombing and in at least once instance sends a fully nude photo of a man. The communication style in the DMs is 100% consistent with his public communication style and mentions many of the same subjects (the Israeli plot against him, the photo of the dead child, Jason Fuchs…)

Speaking of, who is Jason Fuchs? According, allegedly, to James Ransone he is “an Israeli intelligence asset” that “had a direct hand in shaping the homosexual subplot in it chapter 2 to help destabilize America while undermining its catholic and Christian roots.” And to what level is his co-star Bill Hader complicit in this plot? Depends on which DM you read. In one particularly taunting DM he claims, “him and bill hader would go off on their own and write about it! I wonder if they had a crush on each other!” whereas in another he simply said, “bill hader went along with it for money.” He likens all shipping of Richie and Eddie to child pornography, despite the fact that he literally played an adult version of Eddie.

Who is Jason Fuchs actually? He’s primarily a screenwriter and producer and former child actor. He worked on It Chapter Two (and even appeared in the film, as Richie’s manager) but his most prominent work is on Wonder Woman. (He doesn’t seem to happily claim the work he had the most influence on, though, which was the 2015 flop Pan.) All of Ransone’s conspiracy theories on him seem to come from this article.

It is worth noting that a lot of these DMs seem to be right around the time Ransone was bravely sharing his own story of the sexual assault he experienced as a child. It is also worth noting that when he had a similar meltdown on Twitter in 2019 it was widely sparked by “fans” re-traumatizing him with explicit footage of himself in Ken Park. The man has been treated horrendously by the fandom in many instances, and acknowledgment and sympathy of that is why he continues to be buffeted and defended. When it happened before he expressed a complete disbelief that the people sending him abuse were just a bunch of kids; that time, though, they were FBI and CIA psyops instead of Israeli forces.

In conclusion, tl;dr, despite the goodwill he's earned with his commendable honesty about addiction, mental health, and abuse, James Ransone should be considered a lost cause by fans (and prospective employers, whether they be movie producers or tie-dye vendors) due to this protracted issue with his vile and inexcusable behavior. Regardless of which parts are trolling and which parts are paranoia, which parts are earnest or ironic, which parts are goaded on by It stan teens, the man needs to sign off social media and never sign back on.

Content/trigger warnings for the following: anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, mental health issues, childhood sexual assault, child death, suicide, religious zealotry, and probably more

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3
Tags: actor / actress, bill hader, celebrity social media, film screenwriter, sensitive content

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