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Amanda Hugginkiss

"Leftist" streamer Hasan Piker faced criticism for buying a $2.7M home

"Lefitst" pundit, Hasan Piker has come under fire for buying a home in West Hollywood (during a pandmeic in which millions of Americans have and currently struggle to pay for rent and food) for 2.7 million dollars.

When the self proclaimed socialist was asked about it, he responded "i do donate, some public most not. however this is a fucking brain dead take that keeps dumbasses thinking that bill gates is a good guy btw."

And followed up with saying that "...but the necessity of charity is an indication of systemic failure. it’s still useful to help out mutual aid orgs in the short term but that’s not how you solve structural problems. the rich also use it as a tax shelter"

Ah yes.

Translation: Charity is an indication of systemic failure and I will NOT support it to my full capabilites and instead will buy a home in West Hollywood where gentrification has overtaken every aspect of this neighborhood. Take that!

Hasan is a popular Twitch streamer who's peak came when he hosted a game of Among Us with AOC and Ilhan Omar. His primary audience is socially aware teens and 20 something year olds and according to Insider "He is also helping to revolutionize left-wing political punditry in the process."

By that, I think they mean he's another well off nepotism 30 something year old (his uncle is noted sexist and racist cofounder of The Young Terks Cenk Uygur) that has too much money and is pretending he cares about the class struggle for for more views. Which... not sure what's revolutionaly about that.

Seriously, he has too much money. According to TwitchTracker, Hasan has 51,876 active subs and at about 5 bucks per subs, his channel brings in roughly 259,380 a month (minus what Twitch takes and taxes and shit BUT not counting Youtube revinue, sponsorships or donations).

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