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ESPN clowned by airing football game with a fake high school

Yesterday ESPN aired a nationally televised high school football game with an Ohio school named Bishop Sycamore. They played against national champ IMG Academy from Florida. They lost so badly the commentators were doubting the claim that the team had D1-level players.

It doesn't. Bishop Sycamore isn't even a real school. Max Prep calls it an online-only charter school, but no information actually exists about the school outside of that. Ohio's HS Athletic Association does not recognize the school as legitmate as they could not verify its location, athletic facilities or roster. Yet somehow, they were able to play two games this past weekend with no red flags raised, and another 6 games last year.

As if things couldn't get messier, it turns out the team's head coach has an arrest warrant out on him for fraud and almost every player is a junior college dropout nowhere close to high-school age. Awful Announcing also learned of a $20,000 Go Fund Me the school set up to help its players that is now no longer taking donations.

ESPN said in a statement that it blames Paragon, a marketing group in charge of handling their high school schedule and raised alarms when they couldn't verify anything about the school. Yet the game still went ahead as scheduled on-air.

Tags: flop, sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl), television, what is the truth

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