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Nobody Wanted To Collaborate With Iggy Azalea On Her Final Album

Iggy Azalea is retiring from rap music and released her final album, “End of an Era” on August 13 independently.

When asked if she wanted “massive features” for her last album, the Aussie artist said yes but no A list artists wanted to work with her on her last album because “people are fake as fuck.” She explained that they would say they were either “too busy” or that they’d work with her another time.

She explained that in the past, bigger artists swerve her with excuses and she assumes it’s because she’s “controversial” or “bad for business.”

I G G Y EGGZ says now that she’s retiring, she would like to write a top ten hit for another artist without anyone knowing. It would test her theory that music she writes would be better received if it was another artist. She explains that it would bring her “personal satisfaction.” Good luck with that.

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