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The New Bob Ross Documentary is Out & the Internet is Angry

The new documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed dropped this week on Netflix and boy was it disheartening.

It provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at Bob and his family life, the legal troubles his son, Steve Ross, and friends faced against Annette and Walter Kowalski who own the majority share of Bob's name and legacy as Bob Ross Inc., and details the slimy ways in which the Kowalski's obtained those rights, including but not limited to them trying to prevent Bob's death from going public so they can continue to profit off of his name.

It was produced in part by Melissa McCarthy and her husband who has no business directing her anymore, please I beg you,  Ben Falcone, who gave an interview on the process of making the film to NPR:

On the challenge of making a film while being worried about a lawsuit:
Falcone: That was why so many people didn't want to speak to the filmmakers. Everyone's afraid of getting sued. So, it's definitely challenging. ... Even as we're having this discussion with you now, we've been kind of warned to keep to the basics, try not to get too into it because we will get sued.
Bob Ross Inc. released a statement after the documentary was dropped, claiming they "weren't consulted" despite production reaching out several times and providing them several opportunities to give their side:

Since it dropped on Wednesday, people are taking their anger to Bob Ross Inc.'s social media handles:

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In a time when people have been more desperate for feel-good entertainment than ever before and rely on watching Bob Ross Inc.'s YT channel for comfort, it's extremely disappointing to find all of this out. I've unsubscribed and reported all their handles as fake accounts. These fools can't sue anymore if they have no $$$!
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