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Christy Carlson Romano Reveals How She ‘Made And Lost Millions’ After Disney Channel Success

Christy Carlson Romano is getting candid about her financial woes.
She is known for her role as Wren Stevens on the hit series, she also starred in the Disney Channel Orginal Movie “Cadet Kelly” and voiced the titular character in “Kim Possible”.

After her success, Romano ended up in major debt.
“I really regret not investing my money wisely. I didn’t get a house. I didn’t take any money and store it away other than the Coogan money (law that protects minors from their parents spending all their money) That money I used towards going to college at 18.”

After leaving school less than two years in, she had all this money she could use at her disposal.
“I was using buying things and money as a weapon. I felt like if I could just buy certain things, I would feel better or if I just lived a certain lifestyle, I would be closer to that joy of feeling accepted and a lot less alone because I felt really dumb for not knowing about my money and I never really made peace with that. Even to this day, there’s nothing I can really do about the fact that money came and went.”

She purchased a new Mercedes G-Wagon and a 1972 Corvette that she had fixed up but never drove.
She made another $1 million at 21 for music and book deals, she spent it within a year.
She hired a psychic who managed to “get a bunch of money” from her.

“You think you have this extravagant life. And then real life hits you in the face.”

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