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Christy Carlson Romano: I was salty over Shia LaBeouf’s success

“We went from seeing each other every day, to not seeing each other for years, to him being this huge star. For a while, I think the ghost of who Shia was and who he became was really frustrating for me. I felt a little jilted from the whole situation. I was like, ‘Here he is. Making a big ol’ splash in Hollywood and here I am, I chose to go to college and there’s consequences that come to that,’ but there was definitely an undercurrent of regret … [and] comparison. Sibling rivalry, if you will.”

Romano, 37, played LaBeouf’s on-screen sister on “Even Stevens” that ran from 2000 to 2003.
Christy Carlson Romano admitted Shia LaBeouf’s success used to make her “salty,”
So much so that at one point she couldn’t bring herself to watch any of his movies.
Romano's bitterness mellowed and they never stopped talking.
They just ended up going in “completely different pathways of life.”
Despite working so well together, they were never very close.
Romano thought LaBeouf was cool and confident despite being younger than her and she had a lot of insecurities at the time.
There was animosity between them because she felt that he never appreciated how much she put into the job, LaBeouf didn’t even thank her when he won an Emmy while she was sitting in the crowd.
Romano felt that LaBeouf didn’t respect her or take her seriously as an actress, he had compared her to Reese Witherspoon, which made her upset.
She regrets not giving him more time and energy and love “like a real sister,” it makes her sad.
If she saw him today, there would be an “undeniable bond.”
If they’d ever talk to each other again, Romano said it’s a “complex answer.”
She still has so much love for the actor despite their differences.

“Shia, if you see this, know that I love you. I’m sorry that we didn’t connect more when we were kids and I really do hope that you are taking it one day at a time … Be well ’cause I’ll always love you.”

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