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Lil Nas X roundup: Harper’s Bazaar, Taco Bell, Tony Hawk, and album release date

A lot has happened yesterday and today my fellow Lil Nas X stans. Let’s take a look.

Lil Nas X’ first job as a teenager was at Taco Bell. Now, Taco Bell has made him their Chief Impact Officer, allowing them collaborate on an exclusive experience around his debut album Montero, which will be released on September 17th. Among other things, he’ll appear in Taco Bell's breakfast campaign and they’ll offer fan engagement experiences which will be announced later this fall. He’s also partnering with the Taco Bell foundation.

For Harper’s Bazaar’s September issue, Lil Nas X curated a playlist around the issue’s theme of icons. Listen here.

Tony Hawk released a limited edition skateboard infused with his own blood. The $500 skateboards sold out in under 20 minutes, and yet the outcry about blood being used that we saw when Lil Nas X released his limited edition Nike shoes filled with his own blood is nowhere to be seen. Lil Nas X initially tweeted “Tony Hawk in his Lil Nas X era” (OP note: lmaoooo), but has since deleted it and I can’t find a screenshot. He has now tweeted the following:

Ain’t that the truth.

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