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Good Morning Britain viewers cringe after 'car crash' interview with Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon found himself having to repeatedly correct the hosts of Good Morning Britain on Wednesday as he appeared on the show to talk about his new film, leaving viewers baffled.

One blunder involved host Charlotte Hawkins telling Iwan that he previously wanted to take part in Eurovision, leaving him confused. "Did I? I don’t remember that," he told Charlotte, who shared that she had it written in her research notes.

She and co-host Ranvir Singh then asked about an upcoming performance this weekend with his ‘band’. Iwan had to inform them he performs solo and it was actually last weekend. "It was just me...It was on Sunday, it has happened."

The presenters also brought up his child and whether there would be birthday celebrations today. Once more, Iwan fell into an awkward moment of silence before correcting them and revealing his kid's birthday already happened on August 14.

Iwan luckily saw the funny side and later posted a jokey tweet in response.

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Tags: accidents, fail, iwan rheon, television - british

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