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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Opening Ceremony + Day 1 FFAO


Time is fake, and we're back in Tokyo 2020 for the Paralympics!! Primetime coverage will begin on NBCSN at 7pm EDT, and the live events run from approx 9am-10pm JST, 1am-2pm BST, 8pm-9am EDT, and 5pm-6am PDT.
The Paralympics are set to have record-breaking coverage for Tokyo 2020 thanks to many international broadcast partners. Televised events and individual live streams can be found through the following stations: NBCSN (USA) streaming links/schedule, CBC (Canada) streaming links/schedule, Channel 4 (UK) streaming links/schedule, and/or on the official Paralympics international streaming website

Primetime includes: Opening Ceremony Re-Air
Live events include: Cycling (Track), Equestrian, Goalball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Rugby
Medals in: Cycling (Track) (women's C1-3 3000m individual pursuit, women's C4 3000m individual pursuit, women's C5 3000m individual pursuit, men's B 4000m individual pursuit), Swimming (men's 400m freestyle S9, women's 400m freestyle S9, men's 100m backstroke S1, men's 100m backstroke S2, women's 100m backstroke S2, men's 100m butterfly S14, women's 100m butterfly S14, men's 50m breaststroke SB3, women's 50m freestyle S6, men's 50m freestyle S10, women's 50m freestyle S10, men's 100m butterfly S13, women's 100m butterfly S13, men's 200m freestyle S5, women's 200m freestyle S5, men's 100m freestyle S8), Wheelchair Fencing (men's sabre individual category A, men's sabre individual category B, women's sabre individual category A, women's sabre individual category B)
(A great, detailed guide on different classifications for events)

A schedule of all events can be found here, and today's page lets you see the events in your local time zone!

[Assorted highlights: #WeThe15, out LGBTQ+ Paralympians, a record number of female Paralympians competing, Afghanistan, Alphonso Davies writes letter to the refugee team]

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

y'all i am so excited for this! thanks for everyone who expressed an interest in FFAOs <3. i didn't watch this live this morning so i am extremely excited for the opening ceremony fashion lol. also i chose the international streams based off my guesses of ONTD viewership but lmk if there's any other countries i should def include at the top
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