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Emma Corrin for W Magazine

  • Emma is making their West End debut in Anna X, which is inspired by the fake German heiress Anna Delvey (real last name: Sorokin), the Russia-born grifter who scammed New York high society before being arrested in 2017.

  • They have no memory of Princess Diana, which they considered a benefit in playing her. Their mom helped them master the accent.

  • Corrin credits their close friendship with Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles, with getting through the role's tougher moments. “We both spent a long time during prep researching the nuances of failed marriages,” O’Connor says. “Our care for our own characters and each other’s meant that whatever the scene was, we were completely focused on telling a truthful and real account of those moments.”

  • They still live with their college friends in a flat in North London. Their friends keep them humble.

  • In early July, Corrin changed the pronouns on their Instagram to she/they, identifying as both a woman and nonbinary. They don’t want to talk about specifics, but they are aware of their responsibility as a public figure. "It’s hard when you have a platform, but I want to make everything feel very authentic. I think we’ve become much more aware of our positions in our communities and the circles in which we operate."

  • Becoming famous in the pandemic has helped them to avoid paparazzi and red carpets for the most part.

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