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Sean Penn: Not Getting COVID Vaccine Is Like 'Pointing a Gun in Somebody's Face'

On Saturday, Sean Penn talked with CNN's Michael Smerconish, explaining that he believes that COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory amid the rise of the delta variant in America.

"I do believe that everyone should get vaccinated," Penn said. "I believe it should be mandatory, like turning your headlights on in a car at night, but obviously that's not going to happen tomorrow and yet — at least it can happen in some areas and businesses, a lot of businesses are starting to take the lead on that."

Penn then compared the dangers of going unvaccinated to threatening someone with a deadly weapon.

"... I have some areas of strong belief in the Second Amendment," he continued later in the conversation. "But I think that you need to recognize how — with something like this — you can't go around pointing a gun in somebody's face, which is what it is when people are unvaccinated."

Penn also confirmed that he won't continue to work on his latest project unless the entire cast and crew are vaccinated against COVID-19.

"Actors are protected, but if a stagehand is working alongside a stagehand who is not protected, then they can get sick," Penn told CNN. "I didn't want to feel complicit in something that was just taking care of one group and not the other."

Sean Penn is trending on Twitter as conservatives and antivaxxers are now boycotting him. Penn has said he would actually prefer if they didn't see his movies.


Tags: actor / actress, celebrity feud, covid-19

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