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Japanese Music Post: Idols, Models and Actors Edition

It's the end of summer and the charts are boring so for this post I just decided to stick to mostly fun poppy songs!

With member Yasumoto Ayaka back from cancer treatment and three new members added from recent auditions Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku is back with 9 members and a new song Earphone Riot. They were supposed to debut live with the new line up at their big annual concert but unfortunately had to cancel because of coronavirus.

Takagi Reni of EbiChu's older sister group Momoiro Clover Z is releasing her first solo album, here she is with her new song Voyage!

Last year teen fashion magazine POPTEEN, had some of their models form idol group MAGICOUR but most of the girls in that group seem to be busy doing other things right now. Luckily their new rival group PureGi is here to release this bop MeZaSe★JO↑JO↑

=Love (equal love) is a group consisting of voice actresses created by former AKB48 member Sashihara Rino. They're releasing their new single Weekend Citron on August 25th

Popular young actress Mori Nana released an MV for her new song Shinkai composed by Ayase who is also the composer for YOASOBI

New group BE:FIRST was created in an audtion program by AAA member SKY-HI. Their pre-debut song Shining One is co-written and produced by Taku Takahashi from m-flo and the dance is choreographed by a member of s**t kingz. A lot of big names for a very dull song imo

Another group created in an audtiton program is JO1, they released the #1 single of the week. Their single is called STRANGER but here's a song called REAL from it.

Matsuri nine. is a regional group from Nagoya, in the past year they've lost three members and are now down to just four.  They're the younger brother group of BOYS AND MEN, for a long time I believed they were more popular than they are for some reason anyway here's their new song ROOTS.

With KisMyFt2 reaching their 10th year and being super old Johnnys has decided to force younger roller skating group HiHi Jets on all of us.  They put out an MV for the song Eyes of the Future despite not yet debuting and already being messy. I'm posting this video because I'm oddly impressed by it, just like they decided to take a camera to Teamlab Planets and shoot a video there, it's really not anything special it's just that you can watch it and pretend you're at Teamlab Planets.

The members of BUDDiiS include a pair of brothers with viral youtube videos and tiktoks now to see if some of their fame can bring their idol group up.  This is their new summery song Under The Sea.

M!LK is a group that's been around for almost 7 years, they're not well known and any reaction to them probably would be "Huh Sano Hayato is in an idol group? Wow" Hayato is a somewhat prolific actor recently. However they recently announced their major label debut and I thought their teaser for it was a bit cute so I wanted to include it.

I know I missed out on a lot of way popular songs and posted some super niche ones instead. I really didn't want to post an extreme amount of videos. 11 isn't that bad right?? Feel free to post Japanese music I've missed from the past month in the comments!

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Mods: I tried to put this through a couple of times already but kept getting weird errors hopfully the post is ok and I didn't send it through like four times!
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