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Queen Elizabeth is doing the most to cape for Andrew

Liz and co. are pulling all kinds of strings for the nonce

- The Queen wants Andy to retain his honorary military title as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards. The Army wants him to GTFO. A senior military source said: “The Queen has let it be known to the regiment that she wants the Duke of York to remain as colonel and the feeling is that nobody wants to do anything that could cause upset to the colonel-in-chief. It is a very difficult, unsatisfactory situation. His position is not tenable or viable. How can you have a colonel who can’t perform the role? For the brief time he was in post, he was a good colonel, but the feeling across the regiment is that it’s not appropriate to retain him. You can’t have a colonel who can’t do public duties.”
The situation had been discussed among senior defence chiefs and “all agree that he should go.” Military officials have previously called for Andrew to be “faded out” from his appointments, saying he has become an embarrassment to the armed forces.
- Mummy is covering his legal fees: "Andrew’s defence is understood to be funded by payments he receives from his mother’s private Duchy of Lancaster estate after he was forced to step down from his royal duties and stopped receiving taxpayers’ money.”
The Duchy of Lancaster provides private income for the monarch AKA Lizzie.

- Andy has fled to Balmoral with Fergie. Lizzie is asking for privacy: “Lawyers from British firm Farrer & Co, acting for Her Majesty, wrote to major British newspapers warning the publications against taking or publishing pictures of the royal family or their guests at Balmoral the same day that Andrew arrived there.”

Sources: 1, 2, 3.
Tags: legal / lawsuit, royalty / royal family

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