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Plastic Surgeons Warn Against “Alienized Look”

The owner of the Harris Clinic in London, popular 'aesthetic doctor' Dr. Steven Harris is one of many surgeons speaking out against the popular “Alienized Look” in instagrammers and the Kardashians. Harris and other respected medical professionals are intent on raising awareness for rejuvenation that keeps to natural forms.

"What sort of twisted standard of beauty are we creating for the younger generations and how does it affect those with mental health disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder?" He said. "Things have gone really wrong in the field of aesthetics...We as practitioners need to take responsibility — our duty is to first do no harm, and that is not being fulfilled now."

Plastic surgeon Dr. Julius Few of The Few Institute in Chicago added, “Our anatomy is designed to sit in a certain way, and the goal is to subtly restore and enhance. Conversely, what this extreme look is doing is manipulating the face well past the natural boundaries of a given area, and it’s an absolute mistake. Unfortunately, there is a belief that hyper-inflating or overpulling areas of the face will somehow counteract aging, and that is false.”

Casting director Risa Bramon Garcia stresses that actors need to be especially careful. “We’re at a point where producers and directors ask me to check on the face work in advance of a meeting.”

Nurse practitioner Jennifer Hollander of AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills also finds social media's hand in the problem troubling. “The combination of social media filters and injectables is toxic,” she says. “It’s a completely warped reality, a mirage, and I’m scared to think of what these young people who are subjecting themselves to this will end up looking like 15 years from now.”

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