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ONTD Original: Obscure Actor Comparisons Who Look Alike And Should Play Family (Part 2)


Hello ontd! I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m sure maybe two people remember it haha. Here’s part 2 to my little Actors Series. Again, these are actors who I think should play relatives in some way, who are also suggestions you haven’t really seen before. Rather than hear about Jeffrey Dean Morgan again and again and again, these comparisons are a little more obscure. Be it actors who should play a brother and sister duo, cousins, aunt and nephew, you name it, it’s fun to be a lil more creative here! (No shade to the more popular ones though, they are popular for a reason!)

A lot of these are a mixture of suggestions you guys made in the comments of the last post I made, with a good portion still my own personal suggestions. Thank you all so much for your suggestions, and this is in no way the last post, considering how MANY suggestions there were!

Let’s get started shall we?

Our first comparison is Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan!

nia.png sanaa.png

Things They Were In: Nia popped up in Fresh Prince, but has also popped up in shows like NCIS Los Angeles and Empire. Sanaa has appeared in The Affair and Hit & Run. Funnily enough they both voiced in The Cleveland Show, but they’ve also actually appeared in The Best Man film series together!

Why I Included Them: Even though they’ve done stuff already together I can definitely see them playing sisters again. They look so similar, kinda blink and you’ll miss it at first, so I definitely appreciate this suggestion!


Josh Duhamel, Shane West, and Timothy Olyphant

josh.png shane.png timothy.png

Things They Were In: Josh was in the iconic show Jupiter’s Legacy lmfao okay but in all seriousness he was in Transformers and that Nicholas Sparks movie my mom makes me watch with her a lot, Safe Haven. Shane West was also in a Nicholas Sparks movie, A Walk To Remember, as well as Nikita. And Timothy’s been in stuff like Deadwood, Justified, and Mandalorian.

Why I Included Them: Shocked I didn’t the first time honestly! They’re definitely all attractive white men with high foreheads and small eyes lmao. Especially when they smile you can definitely see the similarities between the three of them there.


Kiernan Shipka and McKenna Grace

kiernan.png mckenna.png

Things They Were In: Kiernan was Sabrina in Chilling Adventures, as well as Sally in Mad Men. McKenna has been known lately for playing younger versions of characters like Carol in Captain Marvel and, hilariously enough, young Sabrina in Chilling Adventures lmao.

Why I Included Them: I guess this one is a liiiiittle more popular than most that I’ve included but seriously be honest. Can you even tell the difference between the two pictures I posted? They’re identical! No wonder McKenna played young Sabrina!


Emmanuelle Chriqui and Nina Dobrev

emmanuelle.png nina.png

Things They Were In: Emmanuelle was in Entourage and currently stars in the CW’s Superman and Lois as Lana Lang Cushing. Nina was in The Vampire Diaries and Degrassi The Next Generation.

Why I Included Them: I actually always personally liked this one. I know Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev is the really popular suggestions amongst the media, but every time you actually look at them closely they really don’t look that alike. Victoria has a darker complexion and more angular face, while Nina is paler. But when you look at Emmanuelle and Nina together they look much more alike imo.


Betty Gilpin and Jodie Comer

betty.png jodie.png

Things They Were In: Betty was in movies like The Hunt and The Tomorrow War, as well as the show GLOW. Jodie is well-known for playing in Killing Eve and will appear in that The Last Duel movie.

Why I Included Them: They just… definitely look like they can pass for sisters. At first you find differences but then the similarities kinda outweigh them in the end. Even their hairstyle in those pics is very similar lol.


Doja Cat, FKA Twigs, and Tinashe

doja.png fka.png tinashe.png

Things They Were In: Ha so these three are different from my other suggestions. They’re singers! And damn good ones too!

Why I Included Them: Because the three of them should do a collab asap lol. These pictures don’t really do the comparison justice but definitely as I looked at them more and more I saw the similarities.


Hailee Steinfeld, Hayley Atwell, Michelle Monaghan, and Peyton List

hailee.png hayley.png michelle.png peyton.png

Things They Were In: Hailee was in Dickinson, Bumblebee, and Edge of Seventeen, and she’ll appear in the new Hawkeye show. Hayley has played Agent Peggy Carter and will appear in the new Mission Impossible movie. Underrated queen Michelle has also appeared in the Mission Impossible movies, as well as other stuff like True Detective. And Peyton has appeared in a lot of TV shows like Charmed and Star Trek Picard.

Why I Included Them: This one feels like two look more alike than one, but it combines so much that you gotta include all four. Or well I do lol. I also find it funny how Michelle played Angie in Gone Baby Gone only for Peyton to almost play the same role in that Fox pilot back in 2018 (yes I’m still not over it). Because it looks like they may even play sisters in Spinning Gold!


Mark Ruffalo, Penn Badgley, and Tatiana Maslaney

mark.png penn.png tatiana.png

Things They Were In: Mark was in 13 Going on 30 and played the Hulk in more recent Avengers movies. Penn pretended to type that one time on Gossip Girl and plays a great character you love to hate in You. And of course you remember Tatiana playing multiple roles in Orphan Black!

Why I Included Them: They definitely all three have the same full face and curly hair. I just had to include Tatiana too because I’m actually still really impressed with Marvel for casting her as She-Hulk. She genuinely does look like she can pass for Mark’s cousin so well done there Marvel I’m proud of you lol.


AJ Cook and Lili Reinhart

aj.png lili.png

Things They Were In: AJ was in Criminal Minds and Tru Calling and again Lili is currently in this super obscure show you’ve never heard about called Riverdale.

Why I Included Them: The pictures don’t really do it much justice but every cursory glance all over Google Images made me concur they really do look alike. I could see them at least playing cousins in something.


Freema Agyeman and Maisie Richardson-Sellers

freema.png maisie.png

Things They Were In: Freema was in Doctor Who and New Amsterdam, and Maisie was in The Kissing Booth movies and Legends of Tomorrow.

Why I Included Them: They definitely look very similar, especially with their hairstyles. Very very pretty and both British too. I’m surprised they haven’t played sisters or cousins before!


Sarah Hay and Stacey Farber

sarah.png stacey.png

Things They Were In: Sarah was in Flesh and Bone and Black Swan, and Stacey is also now in the new Superman and Lois show (and of course Degrassi lol).

Why I Included Them: Usually I don’t like to include redheads together just because they’re both redheads. I actually almost did it last time with Christina Hendricks and Madelaine Petsch until I looked at pictures of them and realized all they had in common with similarity was the colour of their hair lol. But Sarah and Stacey? They look alike and at the very least should play cousins.


Adina Porter and Billy Porter

adina.png billy.png

Things They Were In: Adina was in a lot of stuff like True Blood, American Horror Story, and will pop up in the new Paper Girls show! Billy was in stuff like Pose and strangely enough, also American Horror Story. The less said about the new Cinderella the better.

Why I Included Them: They must’ve popped up in something together, especially since they’ve both worked on Ryan Murphy shows. And I know the last names must be stage names but what are the odds that it would be the same last name and the fact that they even look alike? They should totally play siblings!


Jaime Pressley and Kristin Chenoweth

jaime.png kristin.png

Things They Were In: Jaime was in shows like My Name Is Earl and Mom, and Kristen is known for originating Glinda on Broadway’s Wicked and appearing on shows like Glee and Pushing Daisies.

Why I Included Them: They both have the same blonde hair, similar eye and bone structure, so I definitely see the similarities between them. They can pass for cousins or sisters, no doubt in my mind. They’ve probably played it before actually, I’m surprised they haven’t.


Jennifer Aniston and Kaley Cuoco

jennifer-aniston.gif kaley-cuoco.gif

Things They Were In: Jennifer is from Friends and movies like Horrible Bosses, and Kaley is from Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant.

Why I Included Them: Okay now this is an interesting one, which is why I chose to use gifs this time rather than pictures. It’s not so much that they look alike or even sound alike, it’s the fact that when they move their bodies they have the same mannerisms. And I can totally see it the more I observe them! This one takes a bit more attention but it’s definitely there.


Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Gillies

aubrey.gif elizabeth.gif

Things They Were In: Aubrey has appeared in stuff like Legion and Parks and Recreation. Elizabeth has appeared in Dynasty and Victorious.

Why I Included Them: This is one more instance where it’s more mannerisms rather than full appearances, which is why I used gifs again. Aubrey and Elizabeth both give off pissed off could kill you vibes while remaining sexy as hell too. They’d be fun to watch playing sisters or cousins together for their mannerisms alone.


Kristen Stewart, Riley Keough, Teresa Palmer

kristen.png riley.png teresa.png

Things They Were In: Kristen has appeared in Twilight, the new Charlie’s Angels, and will play Princess Diana in Spencer. Riley has appeared in The Girlfriend Experience, Mad Max Fury Road, and will appear in Daisy Jones & The Six, and Teresa has appeared in A Discovery of Witches and Warm Bodies.

Why I Included Them: They definitely have the same pale complexion and facial structure compared to other women. Which I know isn’t saying much, a lot of white women look like this lol, but these three in particular just look so similar it’s uncanny sometimes.


Erin Kellymann and Maya Rudolph

erin.png maya.png

Things They Were In: Erin was in Falcon and Winter Soldier and Solo A Star Wars Story, and Maya’s appeared in a number of comedies like Bridesmaids and Sisters.

Why I Included Them: They have pretty much the exact same freckles and hair and it’s almost uncanny. I can definitely see a mom/daughter aunt/niece kind of movie or TV show with the two of them, maybe even a serious vehicle for Maya.


Dove Cameron and Sabrina Carpenter

dove.png sabrina.png

Things They Were In: Dove has appeared in the Disney Descendants movie trilogy and the movie Dumplin. Sabrina was in Girl Meets World and The Hate U Give. (And obviously has that connection to Olivia Rodrigo.)

Why I Included Them: This was a great suggestion and I’m surprised I never even made the connection before too. They look so so so much alike and they both have starred in a lot of stuff on Disney too, I’m surprised Disney hasn’t cast the two as sisters in something. Like damn! The hair, the faces, it’s pretty crazy!


Gage Golightly and Sara Waisglass

gage.png Screen-Shot-2021-08-20-at-4.04.44-PM.png

Things They Were In: Gage was my girl Erica in Teen Wolf and Sara played in Degrass Next Class, as well as your truly’s icon Ginny & Georgia.

Why I Included Them: This was actually a late addition because I started realizing the next two girls I paired with Gage look nothing like her. Meanwhile Gage and Sara have completely different hair and their faces are still extremely similar. Hell looking for Gage Golightly pictures on Google Images the immediate result asked if I also wanted to look up Ginny & Georgia and she isn’t even on that show lmao. Yeah. Yeah. They should play sisters.


Jessica Rothe and Megan Park

jessica.png megan.png

Things They Were In: Jessica has played the lead in the Happy Death Day movies and has also appeared in Valley Girl. Megan coined the iconic “Dad still died because I had incredible sex” quote from Secret Life of the American Teenager lmfao.

Why I Included Them: Like I said before, I almost included Gage here but then realized she looked more like Sara and nothing like these two. Hayley Atwell looks the most different from Hailee, Michelle, and Peyton but there’s still some aspects and similarities I see when she’s separately with one of them each. With this, Jessica and Megan definitely look like they can pass for sisters.


Angela Bassett and Yara Shahidi

angela.png yara.png

Things They Were In: Angela is in the show 9-1-1 and has appeared in stuff like Black Panther and Malcolm X. Yara acts in Grown-ish and appeared in the movie The Sun Is Also A Star… which yes I did watch for Charles lol.

Why I Included Them: I was watching Grown-ish one day and it hit me how much these two look like they should play mother and daughter. Look at the cheekbones alone! Their faces are so similar it’s crazy!


Kit Young and Sophie Okonedo

kit.png sophie.png

Things They Were In: Kit was in the new Shadow and Bone show and Sophie has appeared in stuff like His Dark Materials and will be in the new Wheel of Time series.

Why I Included Them: I find that they have very similar complexions and freckles and couldn’t pass up the chance to include them here. They’re very charming actors that I’d love to see act more and act together!


Barton Cowperthwaite and Christian Bale

barton.png christian.png

Things They Were In: Barton was in the dance show Tiny Pretty Things and Christian is… well Christian Bale. Batman. Newsies. That fucking awful Exodus movie. That’s him!

Why I Included Them: This one seems kinda random but I was looking at pictures of them (hush) and noticed they had similar mouths. Like they could dimple the same way and have very similar faces. I could see them playing brothers or something and ngl it’d be cute!


Ana de Armas and Eliza Dushku

ana.png eliza.png
Things They Were In: Ana was in Knives Out and Pedro’s snapshots, and will be in the new James Bond flick. Eliza has appeared in Buffy, Angel, and an assortment of other shows like Dollhouse.

Why I Included Them: Some pictures really didn’t do it justice, but then there were others where you can see they had very similar eyes and eyebrows. I’d love to see them play sisters one day, especially if it gives us more reason to see Eliza in the media again!


Jillian Bell and Morgan Turner

jillian.png morgan.png

Things They Were In: Jillian was in 22 Jump Street and Rough Night, and Morgan was in the new Jumanji movies.

Why I Included Them: Because like McKenna and Kiernan these two are also basically identical. Same face, same hair, it’s wild they haven’t even played sisters yet. Get on that Hollywood!


Emma Mackey, Gillian Jacobs, Margot Robbie, and Samara Weaving

emma.png gillian.png margot.png samara.png

Things They Were In: Emma was in the show Sex Education, Gillian was in the show Community, Margot plays Harley Quinn in the current DC movies, and Samara is in the new Nine Perfect Strangers show.

Why I Included Them: I guess this one may be a bit more popular than the rest, but what stands out for me is the inclusion of Gillian. I don’t see people add her to their lists of “she looks like Margot Robbie” as often as I see it with the other girls. Personally I see a similarity between Emma and Gillian more and that’s what helps connect her looks to Margot and Samara too. These four definitely need to act together as sisters or cousins, especially considering how often people bring it up too.


Bonus: Ben Schnetzer and Olivia Thirlby

Screen-Shot-2021-08-19-at-1.25.36-AM.png Screen-Shot-2021-08-19-at-1.24.10-AM.png

Things They Were In: Ben was in movies like Pride, Snowden, and The Grizzlies. Olivia was in the new L Word show, Goliath, and movies like Dredd and Juno.

Why I Included Them: Alright I cheated a little with this last one because uh in less than a month they are actually playing a brother and sister pair in (yup here it comes) Y: The Last Man. I was just so goddamn excited and it suddenly hit me how perfectly they cast these two in just looks alone. They look so similar, well-done!


Well that was a lot of fun! Feel free to list more suggestions (not so popular ones but I’ll make an exception once in a while 😉), but if you made any in the comments of the last post you don’t need to make them again because I still have the list saved! Again, I hope I didn’t overstep with some of the comparisons between non-white actors and I really do hope you enjoyed my post!

See you in the future for Part 3!


Sources: the gif right at the end, the first post where a number of comments gave me at least half these ideas, Google Images, and the top graphic is mine.
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