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Ben Barnes Celebrates His 40th Birthday By Announcing That He’s Making Music and Releasing an EP


Actor turned singer Ben Barnes (known as Bin Bons to ONTD and other parts of the Internet) turns 40 today. And to mark that milestone, Bons announced that he’s going to pursue music. “They say life begins at 40... well, not mine,” he wrote on social media. “I am 14,609 days old today and I am celebrating every one of them. I have spent most of them pursuing dreams, surrounding myself with people I love and supported by all of you... and I know just how incredibly lucky that makes me.”

Barnes continued, “One of my biggest unfulfilled dreams has been to release my own music. Music has been my passion my whole life and after a few false starts 20 years ago, I decided not to pursue it as a career. But today, I am realizing that ambition and announcing the release of my own songs.”

The Shadow & Bone actor announced his upcoming EP, Songs For You, will be available October 15th. Bons said he hopes his new music is both “personal and intimate,” but also “joyful, honest, soulful and passionate.”

More behind the cut and a preview above.



His song “Call Me Daddy” confirmed.

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