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Shaun King to Start A Private Fashion Line

Shaun King has a new project to add to his resume. He is launching a new collection of clothing called "A Real One" and it will be available only through his Instagram, which is currently set to private. He has not released any photos, even though it is supposed to be released next month.

He also begged his followers for money to pay for his expensive beachfront New Jersey home as well as 24/7 security for himself. He claimed he needs the money to list his home for sale and move, even though the property has not been listed formally.

Actress Sharon Stone defended Shaun and offered her guesthouse to him temporarily.

Last time we heard from Shaun, Tamir Rice's mother was publicly criticizing him for allegedly fundraising in Tamir's name and pocketing the money.

Leave your fav Shaun King nicknames and new fashion-related nickname suggestions in the comments. May I suggest...Calvin Crime and Tom #fffford?

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Tags: black celebrities, celebrity real estate, fashion, race / racism, who asked for this

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