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'What If...?' delivers an AMAZING second episode with T'Challa as Starlord.

So... What happened in the episode?

[Spoiler (click to open)]- T'Challa was kidnapped by Yondu when he was a kid, but unlike Peter Quill he turned the Ravagers into heroes. The Ravagers now include Korath, Kraglin, Taserface and THANOS! Who T'Challa convinced not to kill half the world.
- They briefly meet Drax, who's now a bartender and lives with his wife and daughter (who Thanos never killed).
- They meet Nebula (with hair!) who has a mission for them: Break into The Collector's planet and steal the Embers of Genesis. T'chala sets Howard the Duck free to help him out.
- For a moment Nebula seems to betray them, but it was all part of the plan. T'Challa finds a Wakandan ship in the collection and sees a message from his dad.
- The mission goes south and the Ravagers fight the Black Order. Proxima Midnight faces most of the Ravagers. Ebony Maw almost kills T'Challa but The Collector's assistant helps him and kills Ebony. Thanos and Nebula fight Cull Obsidian and Proxima and kill them using part of the Embers.
- T'Challa fights The Collector who uses Dark Elves knives, and Hela's helmet. He also has Mjolnir and Captain America's shield in his collection. Yondu comes to save him, and trap the Collector in a cage, releasing all the other prisoners from his collection.
- T'Challa and Yondu leave in the Wakandan ship (And they have Cosmo the Spacedog with them!!!!) T'Challa returns home to Wakanda with the Ravagers family...and then this happens:

- The episode ends with Ego meeting an adult Peter Quill, who's now working at Dairy Queen; and a final dedication of the episode to Chadwick Boseman, who will return for 3 more episodes, including the Season Finale.

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I loved Captain Carter but this was a lot better. I wanted to see a lot more of them. It felt too short!!
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