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Real Housewives of Potomac 6.6 "I SO WANT TO FIGHT JUAN DIXON RIGHT NOW" (Recap)

- We continue from last week where Konniving Kurn and Blu Cantrell 1 are fighting. Blu, throwing out you want 👴🏿 to pay his bills when Patron Saint of Illegitimate Children Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant has just got them himself an $800,000 tax lien.
- What 👴🏿 said was fucked up though
- Would someone like to buy my new shirt. #DontFree67BabyMamas
- Candiace tries to actually mediate the situation and then Mia the Malleable said something
- Correction Candiace: "Nothing ever gets resolved in a Real Housewives group meal"
- What the entire fuckery doo is Professor Candle Chaos wearing? If Blu Cantrell 1 is objectively dressed better than you, please, please, please call 911 immediately.

- The Cottage Women are really struggling, someone please send them help
- The Nosy Sugar Baby and her bazungas looks so lovely in her dress. Babies Dean and Dylan are just perfect
- SweatyBack ClosedSteakhouse ain't shit, but is he really wrong about Juandering Eye Juan and Robyn? No he ain't.
- *Migos voice* Versace, Versace, Versace! I wanted Professor Chaos to give us main character energy, but OP thinks she's suffering from the increasingly prevalent condition Second Season Syndrome. If you knoww anyone suffering from this, please call us, we can help
- The Green Eyed Bandits talk about Zen Wen's personality change and shockingly, they don't get messy about the Eddie Osefo cheating rumors
- "Wendy, yo titties are in yo neeeeeck"
- Robyn talks about how she's going through a hard time and it seems like it doesn't take much for Juan to pull away from Robyn. Thank goodness for Askale and Robyn being honest. Sis, please see a therapist - not a damn life coach.
- "Awesome. I just want to clarify that."
- Gizelle is talking about Wendy hiding or if she's overcompensating, but is that just projection?
- See how Blu Cantrell 1 shut that shit right down when Askale asked about her relationship status?
- Candiace - what is the workout routine? Or she might just be a skinnT heffa *OP looks down at cute poosh*
- Konniving Kurn is being nice to Wendy because she hates Blu Cantrell 1 but I think Wendy is going through some stuff - not serious, just maybe at crossroads in her career, maybe feeling pent up, wanting to open up her personality more, try new things because shit it's a damn pandemic.

Source: My overpriced cable access and my own eyes

Next week: The Nosy Sugar Baby arrives in Williamsburg to earn ha check and OP hopes Michael steps on a Lego while she's away.
Tags: reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)

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