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Chris Evans Hosts a CIA-Friendly Take on the Middle East

Chris Evansʼ media organization – A Starting Point – will explore America’s past, present and future in the Middle East during a new six-part series, 'Influence and Power in the Middle East', guest hosted by former CIA Operative and Texas Congressman Will Hurd. The series connects the major national players, history, culture, and influence that shapes America’s strategic relationships and military involvement in the Middle East. The series also highlights the generations of people who have been impacted by decades of war and instability. It will air August 30th exclusively on

Drawing on his "unique insights and on-the-ground experience," Hurd will lead exclusive conversations with several of the most influential foreign policy makers of the past four administrations.

August 31: Yemen, The Eye of the Storm
Featuring: Ambassador Barbara Bodine and National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley

September 7: Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Influence
Featuring: General Keith Kellogg and Ambassador Joseph Westphal

September 14: Iran, From Persia to the Present
Featuring: Ambassador John Bolton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

September 21: Syria, Road to Damascus
Featuring: Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and General Wesley Clark

September 28: Palestine, A People Divided
Featuring: CSIS Vice President Dr. Jon Alterman and CFR President Dr. Richard Haass

October 5: Israel, The Holy Land
Featuring: Ambassador Gerald Feierstein and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo


Maybe John Krasinski can chime in!

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August 16 2021, 15:52:00 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  August 16 2021, 15:53:49 UTC

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If anyone’s interested there’s a vet clinic in Kabul, that’s trying to raise money to evacuates their staff( apparently majority women) , immediate Families and like 90 dogs/ cats, other rescues

You can donate via @nowzadrescue on insta (don’t know how to link )

They’re on Facebook. Haven’t seen an update yet.
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