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Johnny Depp: Hollywood is Boycotting Me

Johnny Depp said he's being boycotted by Hollywood in an interview for Britain's The Times. Speaking in often incomplete responses, described as "riddles" and "broken sentences" by the Times, he talked about his film Minamata not being released in the U.S. by MGM.

"This affects those in Minamata and people who experience similar things. And for anything…" Depp said in halting language. "For Hollywood’s boycott of, erm, me? One man, one actor in an unpleasant and messy situation, over the last number of years? But, you know, I’m moving towards where I need to go to make all that…" Depp said before trailing off, adding, "To bring things to light."

Speaking of his trial against the Sun which ruled in him legally being called a wife beater and its aftermath, Depp called all of it "absurdity of media mathematics."

"Whatever I’ve gone through, I’ve gone through. But, ultimately, this particular arena of my life has been so absurd. What the people in Minamata dealt with? People who suffered with COVID? A lot of people lost (their) lives," Depp said. "But what I’ve been through? That’s like getting scratched by a kitten. Comparatively."

Talking about his insane fans, Depp said, "They have always been my employers. I’m proud of these people, because of what they are trying to say, which is the truth. The truth they’re trying to get out since it doesn’t in more mainstream publications. It’s a long road that sometimes gets clunky. Sometimes just plain stupid."

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