Queen of Diamonds (xdecadentx) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen of Diamonds

Roger Federer will undergo 3rd surgery in 2 years


- Federer (40) underwent 2 knee surgeries last year following a long term knee injury
- He came back on tour in March this year though didn't play many matches and had to pull out of RG in an attempt to prevent further injury
- Federer admits her further injured himself at Wimbledon and has been consulting doctors about going forward
- He has concluded that he needs a 3rd surgery on the same knee to be well in later life
- He will go into the process hoping to return to the tour but he is aware at his age it may not be realistic


I imagine this will end his career, which is such a shame. I hate the idea of that Wimbledon match being his last match on tour.
Tags: health problems, sports / athletes - tennis

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