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Sonic the Hedgehog: 8 (4) Actors This Author Alone Wants to See in More Sonic Films

Today in both "Hey, it's Saturday, whatareyagonna do?" and "I wasn't gonna post this but there's too much Kiresten/Dax on the front page so" news, someone made a list of actors they want to see in future Sonic movies and stuck it on a verified Twitter site, so here we are!

Mild spoilers if you haven't seen talking funny hedgehog movie in the first entry below.

Tom Holland as Miles Tails Prower bc hey he was Spiderman? So why not? Interestingly, the article says his regular voice actor was voicing him in the stinger scene, but hasn't been scheduled to return.

Adam Driver as Shadow the Hedgehog

Hugh Jackman as Fang the Sniper (or, Nack The Weasel)

He's more of a voiceless character in Sonic Mania, so at least they could create some kind of character for him! Unless they want to flat out revive Sonic The Fighters and the recently refound Honey the Cat.

Scarlett Johansson as Rouge the Bat
From one super spy to another, I guess. Not my choice but at least the author makes an attempt as she (and Tom) have done voice acting before.


ONTD, do you miss traditional voice acting? who do you want to be whatever in a future Sonic movie?
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