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Social Media is Calling Out Viral TikTok User For Selling Human Bones Online


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Jon Ferry (TikToker, founder and CEO of JonsBones) is a self-described “leading provider of medical human osteology.” His website sells authentic human bones “for the purpose of education and understanding.” You can purchase bones and ribs under $20, with entire human skeletons being sold for about $6,350.

Ferry has 460,000 followers since first launching his TikTok profile (@jonsbones) in February 2020. In one TikTok video that’s gone viral, Ferry shows viewers a wall covered with human spines, which he himself calls “his pride and joy.”

Since his rising popularity however, social media has started questioning exactly where the human remains are coming from and the ethics behind it all. Some osteologists have even criticized the TikToker over his collection.

Ferry defended himself on TikTok, stating that everything he does is completely legal because in the US there is no federal law prohibiting the ownership, sale, or possession of human osteology. While he is not entirely wrong, the states of Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee outright ban it. And guess which states he doesn’t ship to? You guessed it.

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