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Vincent Kartheiser Was Subject Of Multiple Investigations Over On-Set Misconduct

Vincent Kartheiser- of Mad Men, Angel, and HBO Max's Titans- was the subject of at least two complaints and two internal investigations during his stat on Titans. The Investigations apparently led to Vincent not being in the poster for the new season and not actively being involved in publicity for the new season. The allegations, which are believed to have included disruptive, juvenile behavior and inappropriate comments, were investigated by WBTV’s Labor Relations department.

The first investigation was about verbal comments and outbursts and it was concluded that his behavior didn’t warrant termination but he was verbally reprimanded. Weeks later, near the end of production of the latest season, WBTV received a second complaint that also was investigated. This time, it resulted in the studio assigning someone to monitor Vincent while he was on set.

“Vincent Kartheiser vehemently denies the allegations,” a spokesperson for Mr. Alexis Bledel said in a statement. “Warner Bros investigated this matter and made clear to Mr. Kartheiser its expectations for behavior on the set, and he agreed to comply with their directives.”

Tags: actor / actress, television - hbo

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