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“Stranger Things” Actor Joe Keery Doesn’t Wash His Hair & Rarely Touches It

GQ writes, “He doesn’t wash his hair. He rarely even touches it, except during moments of contemplation, when his fingers will comb the fallen front strands back into an upward swell that maintains an anime level of consistency. He does not ‘get’ haircuts in the way most people get haircuts - by asking for and then paying for them. Haircuts simply happen to him, in the way a belly rub happens to a dog on a walk.”

On his infamous bowl cut: “It didn't go over well,” he says. GQ mentioned that people online were threatening to dox the hairstylist responsible. “I saw some funny photos of it, and apparently I looked like a fucking idiot. But that's okay. I think it's good for everybody to look like an idiot at some point.”

He says he turned down a “bunch of money” to endorse a hair-care brand. “I think it would just be so lame for the majority of people,” he says. “It would be a sellout move. Don't you think?”

In his GQ Undercover video, Keery says he’s aware his character (Steve Harrington) is in the popular asymmetrical horror video game, “Dead By Daylight,” but admits he hasn’t played it yet. He added that if he were to play the game, he’d play Natalia Dyer’s character (Nancy).

You can read his full interview with GQ here. More behind the cut.

ONTD, how often do you wash your hair?

Sources: 1 | 2
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