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White Sox and Yankees are playing a Field of Dreams game tonight

- Field of Dreams is an 80s movie based on the novel Shoeless Joe by Canadian author WP Kinsella. It takes place in Iowa and stars Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, a guy who builds a baseball field in a cornfield so a bunch of baseball ghosts — particularly his hero, disgraced White Sox outfielder Shoeless Joe Jackson — can play a game because he has a bad relationship with his father and really likes Terrence Mann or something? OP refuses to watch this movie, The Natural, or Bull Durham so as to annoy her father, which may or may not be ironic.

- Oh shit, Gaby Hoffman was in this thing?

- They were supposed to play last year, but COVID happened and messed up the schedule, so they're there now. Except for the people who paid thousands or dollars to watch it; they're stuck in traffic. The game is supposed to start at 7:15 EDT on Fox, so the players will probably emerge from the corn around 8 o'clock.

- Wanna see a bunch of grown men wandering around corn in throwback pajamas?

And what I would be doing with all that corn:

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Tags: 1980s, actor / actress, film - drama, its been 84 years, sports / athletes - baseball

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