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‘Thor: The Dark World’ Director on Marvel Movie Backlash

Director Alan Taylor candidly discusses making 'Thor 2' and 'Terminator: Genisys' back to back.
Marvel offered Taylor the 2013 Thor sequel. The film was subtitled The Dark World.
The Dark World is considered one of the MCU’s weakest entries.
Its creative troubles, a tight production deadline and a script that was seemingly never finished. 
Patty Jenkins was initially attached to the project but wisely bowed out. 
The director Taylor watched as the film changed radically during postproduction editing and reshoots.
Before The Dark World was released, Taylor received an offer to direct Terminator: Genisys. 
His girlfriend, Jane Wu, a storyboard artist, urged him to turn it down.
Taylor wanted to work with star Arnold Schwarzenegger and build on the legacy of James Cameron.
The critic and fandom mobs were brutal, and their impact on Taylor was profound.

I had lost the will to make movies. I lost the will to live as a director. I’m not blaming any person for that. The process was not good for me. So I came out of it having to rediscover the joy of filmmaking.”

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