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ONTD Original-Ranking the top ten careers of the actors from the 1st The Lord Of The Rings movie


10.Sean Astin-A child star with The Goonies, Sean has had a long career peppered with fun roles like Rudy and the weight lifting brother in 50 First Dates. He came back in the public eye with a sweet turn on Stranger Things.

9.Sean Bean-Though not an actor I'm very familiar with, Sean has had a successful career starring in films such as Silent Hill and Mirror, Mirror as well as acting in shows such as Game of Thrones and Snow Piercer.

8.Andy Serkis-Andy has had an interesting career, finding a niche in motion capture roles such as Gollum and Caesar from the monkey movies. I've seen people argue that his motion capture work is Oscar worthy. He has starred in blockbusters such as Black Panther and is in the upcoming Batman movie.

7.Elijah Wood-Frodo himself! A child actor (with notable childhood work such as The Good Son and The Adventures of Huck Finn) Elija's career highlight was definitly the LOTR trilogy. He had a cult hit with the television show Wilfrid and has found extended success as a voice actor.

6.Liv Tyler-Sometimes being rock royalty boosts you up a couple of spots. Liv is well beloved and was in hit movies early in her career such as Armagedon and the LOTR series. She has had a focus on television later in her career, starring in shows such as The Leftover, Harlots, and 9-1-1 LoneStar. Her last film acting credit was in the space movie Ad Astra.
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