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9 (4) Teen Queens Who Broke the Mold

So there's not an accompanying Tweet, BUT it's not like CNN isn't a reputable source (mostly), so! I'm only picking the 4 I recognize.

Yes I know this gif is from The Parkers. Did you know that Moesha and The Parkers (and I think Girlfriends) take place in the same universe?

Moesha Mitchell (Moesha) - 'with a boldness to speak her truth and stand up for what she believes in', which caused a lot of strife in the first few seasons against her pigheaded father. Later seasons did emphasize her smarts and ability to forge her own path, with the help of her friends and stepmother.

Andi Mack (Andi Mack) - "We love Andi because she's smart, a little awkward (as actual teens should be) and highly relatable." I didn't finish the show but it never sopped being good, apparently!

Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Okay I never saw this but even I knew about her. Like a cheerleading vampire slayer is a cool concept, despite the man who is praised with bringing the show to audiences. 'She was a role model whose struggles made her stronger, not weaker.'.

Denise Huxtable (The Cosby Show) - 'Free spirited, fashionable, fiercely independent and a little eccentric'. Dropped out of school to travel the world and take photos, came back with a military husband and daughter. Still cool.


Who are you favorite teen girl icons?

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