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Joel Kinnaman files a restraining order

Just in time to the Suicide Squad premiere, actor Joel Kinnaman posted about the restraining order on his Instagram. TMZ reports:

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, she threatened to publicize false information -- specifically, that they had sex against her will in December, 2018, unless he gave in to her financial demands.

Kinnaman says he tried resolving things last month when his manager was meeting with M and her brother, who was carrying a rifle. He says during that conversation, she admitted the sex wasn't against her will but she was upset with the way he treated her. She mentioned the sex was so rushed she kept her shoes on and was then shown the door.
According to the docs, Kinnaman says M said she was a member of the Crips and threatened members of the gang would hurt him.

She says she knew people like Chris Brown, LeBron James and Lil Wayne, all of whom were angry at him and were available to harm him on her behalf. Kinnaman says she said, "They will f*** your life, Joel ... everyone will come after you in L.A. ... he will f*** your life so you will not be able to film anymore, Joel."

Kinnaman also says at one point her brother pointed a rifle at his manager

Earlier this morning, I filed for a restraining order against a woman who has been threatening to physically harm me and my family and loved ones, and attempting to extort money and other things of value from me. While it is mortifying and scary to come forward about all of this, what feels worse is enduring the escalating daily threats of physical harm to me and my loved ones and threats to go to the press with fabricated, vile rumors unless I agree to a list of demands that includes money, Hollywood connections, helping to secure a work visa, a verified Instagram page, a Wikipedia page, a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated, an additional $400,000 USD for an apartment and more. And so, I want to share the facts with you, honestly and directly:

In late 2018, when I was single, I had a brief romantic relationship with a woman named GM, a Swedish model who goes by the name of BD. In November 2018, we met up in New York and had consensual sex. The next month, in December 2018, we again met up in New York and had consensual sex but did not spend the night together because I had to get up early the following morning for work. The next day she texted me that she was bothered that I had not asked her to spend the night and that I did not check with her to make sure she made it home safely.

In 2019 and 2020, B resumed contact with me, asking to meet up and sending sexually explicit content, but I was in a relationship at this point, so I did not respond. Given her increasingly obsessive communications, I felt it was best to cut off all communication with her. But B continued to try to communicate with me-texting and calling from other people’s phones – and these communications became more and more antagonistic, threatening, and frightening over time.

Recently, B resorted to threatening to publicize false information about me — including that I had sex with her against her will — unless I capitulated to her demands. Hoping to resolve this situation, on July 25, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with B, which she knew was being recorded. In that taped conversation, B more than once acknowledged that the sex was consensual. In that same conversation, she reiterated her threat to tell the media that it was against her will unless I met her demands. At one point, she stated, “Do you know how much money I would get and how famous I would be if I went to the press?” She also made threats of physical violence against me and my family by herself and others, including her brother, a convicted felon, who pointed a rifle at my manager. Since then, her threats of violence against me and my loved ones have become so serious and specific that I felt I had no choice but to seek a restraining order.

I want to be VERY clear so there is no misunderstanding: I stand by all victims of sexual assault. That is not what occurred here. This was consensual sex. And now it is an attempt to extort. More importantly — this is a threat to the safety of my family and loved ones, which will always be my top priority.


It's unclear if Joel or his manager have reported the woman to the police since the rifle pointing last month. It's also unclear to me if that July 25 incident was a phone call with Joel, a meeting with this manager or both.

TMZ https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/1423694356880449540?s=20
The Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/CSPclNnA4Bv/

I edited the woman's name
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