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Alyssa Milano subtly answers the age old question: Prue or Paige?


-Happy throwback Thursday ONTD! Alyssa decided to participate and has fans interpreting her choice of Power of 3 as taking a side.

-After Prue Halliwell was killed off and Paige Matthews orbed onto the scene it's been one of the many feuds in Charmed-fandom: Which is the better Power of 3, Pre-Paige or Post-Prue?

-Alyssa may be answering that question by posting a TBT pic of her/Holly/Shannen from the shows 2nd season when the three were still very friendly with one another.

-Shannen/Alyssa ended their feud a few years back and have become more associates to one another even though they aren't necessarily friends.

-All 8 seasons are currently in the process of being released in Blu-ray, fully remastered with OG music restored

-Holly/Shanne/Alyssa sit down to discuss the show, what their powers are, and how they would use them.

-Shannen reveals that it was already decided in S1 that she'd get Astral projection in S2

-They decide that they are more like Glinda the Good Witch

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Prue or Paige ONTD?
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