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The View: Molly Ringwald Whitney Cummings Mary Trump Kristen Bell Stephen King Alexander Vindman

Panel varies with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Show NY Governor Cuomo AG Report

NY AG Leticia James report published, revealed Cuomo inappropriate behavior. NY Congress, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and Pres. Biden have said he should resign. Cuomo is going to hang on if he can. The NY Lt. Governor is a Democrat so ignore the conspiracy theories that Cuomo’s successor would pardon T45 state level crimes. Me-again only has a couple of days left and has a rant about nepotism /rme. Lol @ Whoopi I can’t hear you. Sunny lawyersplains the civil-criminal-political angles.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Duct Taped Airline Passenger

Unruly drunk guy assaulted multiple flight attendants, got duct taped to his chair. Crew got suspended for not using proper procedures to restrain him. What else were they supposed to do? That guy was a hot mess. Flight attendants shouldn’t be subjected to these out of control passengers. The guy is a grown man 22 yrs old not a kid.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Lt Col Alexander Vindman (Ret.)

Lt Col Alexander Vindman (Ret.) is promoting his book Here, Right Matters. He talks about >> his family narrative, his brother, the impact of his impeachment1 testimony, a lot about the narrative of his testimony, having a MAGA dad, his patriotism to USA, his thoughts on Capitol testimony from officers. He's so earnest.

Hot Topic Wednesday Show Eboni Williams

Eboni Williams talks about being the first Black woman on Real Housewives of New York. She talks about >> her career history and how it related to being on RHONY, whether she felt put in a position of microaggressions, Gov Cuomo report, her mom voted for TRE45ON the first time but not in 2020, her thoughts on partisanship and shared values, wondering about her real father, dumping her fiance during covid, her divine family order.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Florida DeathSantis is Still At It

Florida cases and hospitalizations are skyrocketing while FL Governor DeathSantis is tripling down by refusing any school or business from requiring masks. Joy thinks it’s negligent homicide. Yup. Authoritarianism and anti-science is where the GQP is headed. Me-again compares it to Lollapalooza despite festival requiring proof of vaxx or negative covid test.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Moms Pass On Body Issues to Daughters

Courtesy of Teen Vogue, girls with body and weight issues usually picked it up from their mom’s own issues with herself. Sara also blames her dad. Me-again claims she doesn’t have body image issues despite glaring behavior that she is broken in all sorts of ways on the inside about herself and her identity.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard

Nope. Kristen and Dax are promoting Family Game Fight on NBC. She’s a good actress but they’re exhausting as a couple who overshare.

Hot Topic Tuesday Show Stephen King

Stephen King is promoting his new book Billy Summers. He talks about >> covid misinfo, how entertainment and literature will eventually incorporate the covid pandemic, his next book will specifically include covid as a theme, the cast playing King characters for a previous Halloween clip,

Hot Topic Monday Show Kathy Griffin Update

[Update > Griffin posted on social media tonight (Wed) that’s she’s recovering from surgery and TW [Spoiler (click to open)] attempted suicide last year with opioids but is off narcotic pain killers post surgery, still sober, and believes she’s going to beat cancer]

Kathy Griffin gave an interview to Nightline where she talked about being cancelled over T45 photoshoot, becoming addicted to prescription pain killers, and finding out she has lung cancer despite never having smoked. Panel talks about the spiral of her career -specifically about other people's egregious remarks or acts against public figures, her getting sober, having lung surgery. Me-again makes it about her and MyGoodFriend™.

Hot Topic Monday Show VP Harris Approval Rating

VP Kamala Harris has low approval rating mostly because she’s a female poc only 6 mos on the job, but also a little bit because she can’t get out of her own way, and has an awkward laugh when she's uncomfortable, NeedsPRTraining©.

Hot Topic Monday Show Outdated Baby Boomer Views

Courtesy of Reddit poll. Panel talks about evolving traditions, like who walks bride down the aisle, vows, when to work out marriage vs leave, age of marriage and starting family, feelings about tattoos, older people are sages and have wisdom -some advice is good, but take it or leave it

Hot Topic Monday Show Mary Trump

Mary Trump, a licensed psychologist and sane member of the Crazypants Klan, is promoting her new book The Reckoning: Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal. She talks about insurrection testimony, being treated for PTSD which wasn’t because of T45 you can read about her history here, what she thinks will happen to the conspiratorial family members.

Also, pandemic of the unvaccinated and why hasn’t T45 (who secretly got vaxx) endorsed it publicly instead of killing his own cult members, grifting more dum dums who donate to his fake campaign, how he uses racism as a platform, she shades Me-again loool

Hot Topic Friday Show House GQP Throw Temper Tantrum

Whoopi is off, Ana joins

House RepubliQans stage a walk out to the Senate side of the Capital because they’re mad they have to wear a mask. Clowns. Ana has her Friday rant. Govt and businesses and transportation and public venues should require vaxx proof and those who aren’t should suffer the consequences. 100% of Dem House vaccinated, only 54% of GQP House. Me-again with dumb hair and bad fashion is almost gone. She’s insufferable and pivots to HiGh CrImE and blames Dems for anti vaxxers lol x infinity.

Hot Topic Friday Show Lenny Kravitz is a DILF

Lenny Kravitz is giving us all the vapors with his jackhammer hotness. The panel drools and talks about whether their mates are handy dandy or just dandy.

Hot Topic Friday Show Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald is promoting her Netflix film The Kissing Booth 3. She talks about >> mental health, doing a film in France then moving there and pausing her career, learning French, The Kissing Booth narrative, her dog Milly, writing a piece for New Yorker about John Hughes, her kids, parenting.

Must watch >> Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club

Hot Topic Friday Show Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is promoting her comedy tour Touch Me. She talks about >> a lot about her hair color, met someone and dated during the pandemic, more about her hair color -eesh, her bf is her dog’s vet, dope texting her vet, she speed talks non-stop, proposing, getting back on tour, the healing power of laughter, cancel culture impact on comedy profession,

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