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Ramón Rodríguez Joins Aubrey Plaza in ‘Olga Dies Dreaming’

Ramón Rodríguez has been cast as the male lead opposite Aubrey Plaza in Olga Dies Dreaming, Hulu’s one-hour drama pilot based on the novel by Xochitl Gonzalez.

Olga Dies Dreaming is the story of a Nuyorican brother (Rodríguez) and sister (Plaza) from a gentrifying Sunset Park in Brooklyn who are reckoning with their absent, politically radical mother and their glittering careers among New York City’s elite in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Rodríguez’s Prieto is Olga’s (Plaza) older brother. He is a popular Congressman who wears his Puerto Rican pride like a badge of honor. He grew up playing a part: the cheerful, overachieving, involuntary patriarch of a broken home. He’s lonely and tired, but he wakes up every morning wholly prepared to be the fixer.

Both Rodríguez and Plaza will also serve as producers on the pilot, written by Gonzalez and to be directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

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